We offer our customers the opportunity to participate in our upcycling program. You can send in any old product to be recycled or upcycled and given new life by creating new products such as toys, bag holders, placemats, and more.

Before you take part in our recycling program, we want to make sure you’re aware that most parts of of our beds are machine washable and individual parts can replaced. Other than the few items that are sewn closed, like our Tough Crate Pads and Deep Den Beds, the individual parts of our bed covers and mattresses are all available for purchase separately, so individual parts can be replaced. With the option of replacement parts, your K9 Ballistics product can last a long time but if you have finally decided that it's time to give your worn-in products a second chance, don't throw them out. Send it to us and we will upcycle components into new products. Upcycling is another way we can keep products out of out landfills for a little bit longer.

If you're confident that they have had a good run, please follow the washing instructions below before you send them in. 

Important Recycling Instructions

Please wash and dry bed covers and crate pads, according to our washing and drying instructions. Do not wash the mattress. Mattresses should only be spot cleaned as they contain CertiPUR-US foam which will absorb water. If it’s a bed you’re sending in, you do not need to reassemble it. Just box up all the components and send it via USPS, FedEx, or any other carrier of your choosing. (Please note: We do not cover shipping costs for items sent in for this program)

Send your old products to

K9 Ballistics
Upcycle Program
708 via Alondra

Camarillo,CA 93012