Our Story

Hustle, Dedication & Determination. The American Dream

K9 Ballistics began when college roomates (The great Tulane University) decided to go into business while backpacking through Europe. After having a dog together in college, Kodiak, an amazing golden retriever, we chose to start designing and selling incredibly well-made dog beds. Together we envisioned building a world class brand that not only designed incredible products but created a company culture that people would gravitate towards. We wanted to build our business on our terms, no venture capital, just stone cold hardwork. A socially responsible company our families could be proud of and people would want to work for. Thanks to your support, we’re still independent , having all the fun of running our company, and continuing the everyday hard work that makes owning the business we dreamed of an amazing road we are able to journey down together.

 With gratitude, 

 – Ari and Sean