Order Changes & Cancellations

Order Changes

Once an order is placed it is not possible for us to modify the items on the order in any way. This includes changing the size, color, quantity of existing items, removing or adding products, or adding embroidery. However, if the order has not yet shipped, we may be able to cancel the order so that you may place a new one that includes the desired changes. If you need to make a change, please contact us immediately via phone 844-772-3125 during business hours to see if we can cancel the current order for you.


Shipping Address Changes

Due to the speed at which we package orders for shipment, we cannot guarantee a successful update of the address of an order in our system. It is the customer's responsibility to double-check the address information entered prior to submitting the order. If you use a third-party payment option like PayPal, G Pay, or Sezzle, please make sure your account on those sites is using your correct shipping address. If there is a problem we will do our best to update order information as needed, and for the best chance of success please reach out immediately to us for assistance.

We can make changes to the shipping address on an order up until the item is packed and a shipping label generated. After that, the handling of the package is no longer under our control. If the package shipped via UPS or FedEx, we can contact the carrier to update the shipping address of a package that is in transit. Both carriers charge us a $17 flat fee for any address corrections, including fixing misspellings, adding apartment numbers, or changing the address completely. Due to this, any shipping address changes made after the shipping label is created will require a $17 payment from the customer to cover the carrier’s fees.

If you have misspelled the street address or forgot to add an apartment number, you can contact FedEx at 800-463-3339 or UPS at 800-742-5877 and request to have the package held for pickup instead of updating the address (for UPS, you can also do this online from the tracking information page).

Please note that once an item is out for delivery, no changes can be made to the address. The addresses for items shipped via USPS cannot be modified at all once in transit.

Order Cancellation

Due to the speed at which we package orders for shipment, we cannot guarantee successful cancellation of an order in our system. We will do our best to fulfill cancellation requests, and the sooner you contact us the more likely it is that we will be able to catch the order in time. However, if you have already received a tracking number via email, we will not be able to cancel the order. Please call us at 844-772-3125 during business hours to request a cancellation, or submit a cancellation request through our support form here.

If your order contains items with embroidery, we cannot cancel or refund the order if the embroidery has already been started or completed.