Better for People, Pets, & the Planet


We’re in the business of creating the world’s longest-lasting and highest-quality dog beds and accessories, with a commitment to the well being of our people, pets, and planet. 

Strong leadership is essential to any organization’s sustained success. As a mission-driven company our core values enable us to clearly communicate our motivating vision and find employees who also strive to make a positive impact. We pride ourselves on building a team that is proud of our brand and has confidence in our products. This clear mission allows our leadership to motivate their teams around the mission and vision for our company as well as allowing employees to apply themselves to work they truly believe in.

At K9 Ballistics, we understand that responsible innovation means making decisions with the highest regard for people, pets, and the planet. Our products are not just built better, they are built responsibly. Built with purpose to last longer so you buy less often. We promise to continue designing purpose-driven, durable, and versatile products for your dogs' active lifestyle.

We need to move away from the throw-away society is strongly influenced by consumerism. This term describes a critical view of overconsumption and excessive production of short-lived or disposable items over durable goods that will last a lot longer.

As responsible manufacturers and our mission is to become the most respected source for dog products. This means we always consider who is making our products, where the raw materials come from, how they will be used, and where they will end up.  We focus on progress and continue to improve with each year.

We have a vision of our business as a force for good. We are owned by founders which enables us to have a strong mission. We have a commitment to operating ethically, responsibly, and sustainably. We offer paid time off for volunteer work, health insurance, 401 K program, and vacation. We offer a wellness program as well as a continuing education program. 


We consider ourselves responsible innovators. When designing new products, we always take into account who is making the components, where the raw materials come from, how they will be used, and where they will end up.


Our headquarters and manufacturing facilities are located in Ventura County, California. Since taking ownership of these properties, we’ve added drought-resistant landscaping, efficient thermostats, recycling bins, and replaced all lighting with LEDs. Motion detectors on light fixtures shut lights off when they’re not in use, while skylights in the warehouse let in natural light and allow us to save electricity while creating a more pleasant work environment. Making targeted investments in our energy efficiency has helped us cut energy usage and reduce our carbon footprint.


We offer paid time off for volunteer work, health insurance, 401(k) programs, and vacation. 

We also offer a wellness program as well as a continuing education program for all of our employees.


We make sure our products are produced under safe, fair, legal, and humane working

conditions throughout the supply chain.


Most of a company’s environmental impact happens at the raw material level. We currently use post-consumer certified recycled fibers in our fiber-filled dog beds and crate pads, allowing us to give new life to old plastic bottles and divert millions from reaching our landfills. We also make sure to use an average of 50% recycled paper in all of our shipping and marketing materials.


Cheap dog beds claiming to be “orthopedic” are often made from flimsy imported foam, which offers little to no support and often falls apart or flattens out immediately. The production of these foams is typically unregulated and could be exposing your pup to any number of harmful additives.

At K9 Ballistics, safety for you and your pets comes first, which is why we use only the highest quality foam that’s made entirely in America. It’s been third-party tested and CertiPUR®-US certified to ensure that it’s low VOC and made without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, lead and other heavy metals, along with a number of carcinogens including regulated phthalates, fire retardants like PBDEs and TDCPP, and other dangerous chemicals.

Zero-waste foam fill

Our orthopedic beds start out as giant blocks of CertiPUR®-US certified foam, made right here in the USA. We cut them to size as efficiently as possible, but there are always leftover remnants that are just too narrow or aren’t big enough to make a full mattress. Rather than throw those pieces out, we shred them down and use them to fill our pillow bed mattresses. This keeps the foam out of landfills and also gives your dog the option of a soft foam bed that they can nestle down in.

LongER-Lasting Fabrics

All of our materials are third-party tested to ensure they surpass industry standards for durability. Stronger materials result in longer-lasting products, which means that when you buy K9 Ballistics, you buy less often. After all, our beds are built to last a lifetime!

By sticking with one bed for years, you help contribute to a smaller carbon footprint. Fewer purchases mean reduced energy consumption and fuel usage from the manufacturing and shipping processes, and it also cuts back on landfill waste. Moreover, our durable fabrics are super easy to wipe off and spot clean, requiring less washing and helping you conserve water and detergent. Investing a bit more upfront for better quality will save you time and money in the long run.

Discounts for shelters and FIRST RESPONDERS

We support communities all across America by offering discounts to important animal services that often operate on limited budgets. Shelters take care of lost dogs and those pups who haven’t yet found their forever homes, while first responders put themselves on the line to help us in times of crisis and keep us safe. They all deserve great beds!