How will my dog's bed be shipped?

All orders are shipped via FedEx Home Delivery or UPS Ground. Since these services do not deliver to P.O. Boxes, please make sure to provide a physical address when ordering so that your order can be successfully delivered.

When will my order ship?

We aim to ship orders out the same day we receive them, but manufacturing can occasionally take some extra time. Most orders will ship within 1-2 business days of being placed. Fulfillment times can vary throughout the year, depending on demand, so if your order is time-sensitive please contact us to confirm the current processing speed.

When can I expect to receive my order?

All orders ship from Southern California, so typical transit time is 1-3 days for West Coast areas, 3-4 days for Central US, 4-5 days for the Midwest, and 5-7 days for East Coast locations. You’ll receive a tracking number via email when the order ships so that you can keep an eye on it. 

Can you ship to Hawaii? What about Canada?

Unfortunately, due to the high shipping costs involved, we aren’t able to ship outside the 48 contiguous United States. For Alaska, Hawaii, US territories, FPO/APO and international addresses, please consider a forwarding service like reship.com to have the order delivered to you.

Do you offer expedited shipping?

At this time we are unable to offer expedited options. If you need your order by a certain date, please contact us before placing the order to confirm that we can ensure delivery in time.

I ordered a black/blue/tan bed, why is it gray?

Check the bottom of the box! The rolled gray bed that you see in the box is actually just the mattress portion. The cover will be the color you selected, and since it is slipped into the box alongside the mattress during packing, it usually ends up at the bottom of the package where it can be easy to overlook.

My mattress has a gray side and a yellow side; which side should face up?

The gray side of the mattress is the top and should face upwards when the bed is fully assembled. This means that the yellow bottom will face up towards the zipper closure while assembling the bed, and will face the floor once you flip the bed over for your dog to use.

My dog chews through every bed I buy him. What bed do you recommend?

Definitely one of our Chew Proof Armored series beds! These are the only chew proof beds we have, and the only style that will withstand aggressive or persistent chewing. The all-metal frame on these beds protects the corners and edges, while also pulling the center taut so that there’s no place for your pup to sink their teeth in. 

My dog likes to chew on his beds, but he isn’t a big chewer. What might work for him?

Any of our Tough Rip-Stop beds would be good options for a medium or light chewer. If your dog fixates on corners, we recommend a round bed, just to eliminate that temptation. If your dog goes after zippers or raised edges, you’ll want to avoid the bolster-style beds—there are more chewing targets present with that style, and it works best for dogs that really just don’t chew much.

I need a pad for my crate. Which one is the strongest?

Our Chew Proof Armored Dog Crate Pad is the strongest crate pad on the market, and the only one of our non-elevated crate pads that is considered chew proof. As an armored-style bed it has a metal frame to protect against chewing and a padded center for comfort. It also lays flat on the ground so that your dog doesn’t lose any headroom.

What size bed should I get?

Check out the product’s size guide! We list the dimensions of each bed there and even offer size recommendations based on weight, though all dogs are different and it is always best to measure the length of your dog to ensure the bed will be large enough for them.

Do you offer custom sizing? Can you make a cover for my sofa?

Unfortunately, we cannot accommodate orders for custom sizes, items, or covers. The only products and sizes currently available are those displayed on our website.

What type of mattress is better?

That depends! If your dog is a nester who likes to sink into their bedding, you’ll want one of our pillow-style beds. These are made with shredded foam and have more give to them, although they are still plenty thick and will keep your dog from touching the floor. If you have an older dog with arthritis or joint issues, or a big, heavy pup, or even just a dog that likes firm surfaces, then you’ll want one of our orthopedic-style beds. These ones are made from dense, solid foam and provide maximum support.

Which beds can be used outdoors?

Our Chew Proof Armored beds are hardy and will do best outdoors, but our Tough Rip-Stop beds are water- and dirt-resistant and will also hold up well outside. The only exceptions are our Tough velvet colors (Light Gray Velvet, Two-tone Gray Velvet). These ones have a soft and fuzzy surface, which can attract dirt and get crusty if left in damp conditions for too long. 

I need a waterproof bed!

For a bed that offers total protection from accidents and spills, we recommend our Chew Proof Armored Vinyl Elevated Dog Bed. The vinyl material is completely impervious, which makes this bed 100% waterproof. Our other beds are considered water-resistant only. The ballistic material has a waterproof PVC backing that will help prevent water from passing through, but seams and zipper closures can still be a point of entry for moisture. Urine and vomit are also more corrosive than water, and may be able to seep through the protective backing if not quickly wiped up.

Do you sell the covers by themselves?

We do! All of our available covers can be found for sale separately under the Accessories section of our website. Our covers can be used with both orthopedic and pillow mattresses as long as the dimensions match.

Are your beds really chew proof?

In all honesty, there is no such thing as a 100% chew proof bed. If a dog can get their teeth on something, they can eventually chew through it if they have the time and the determination. They’ve been known to chew through Kevlar, wood, bricks, and even chain-link fences, just to name a few!  With that said, our beds may not be completely indestructible, but our Chew Proof Armored series beds come the closest. These beds are the most durable beds on the market and the best option if you have a dog that has chewed through every other bed you’ve given them.

How durable are your beds?

We built these beds to be heavy-duty, so all of them are very durable. Even so, the exact durability of each bed will vary by its design. Our metal-framed Chew-Proof Armored beds are our strongest beds, standing up to even the most determined chewers, while our Tough Rip-Stop beds will hold up against digging, scratching, and hard play. For best results, we recommend choosing the style that matches your dog’s destructive level.

Are your beds made of Kevlar?

No, our Rip-Stop ballistic fabric is not the same as Kevlar. Heavy chewers can still get through Kevlar if they chew at it persistently, and it can unravel into long, dangerous strands that can tangle and knot in your dog’s intestines if swallowed. We find Rip-Stop ballistic material to be an overall safer and better performing fabric for heavy-duty dog beds.

What is ballistic fabric?

Our ballistic fabric is a densely woven (1200 denier) material similar to that used in the flak jackets worn by soldiers during WWII. It resists tearing and punctures and will hold up much better against destructive behaviors than traditional bed covers. Rip-Stop is an additional feature that further reinforces the strength of the fabric. This grid-like weave of even stronger fibers helps minimize damage by stopping any small punctures from becoming gaping holes.

What if my dog does manage to chew up this bed?

We offer a 120-day warranty on both our Chew Proof Armored and Tough Rip-Stop series of beds. If your dog manages to damage one of these beds within the warranty period, we’ll replace the cover once, free of charge. For items that do not have removable covers, we’ll send out a full replacement. If you don’t want a replacement, we can issue you store credit for its value instead, which can be applied towards a different item on our site.

Is the 120-day warranty a money-back guarantee? Can I get a refund instead?

The 120-day warranty provides a replacement of the damaged item only; we are not able to provide refunds on used or damaged items. If you do not want the replacement, we recommend getting store credit instead and applying it towards a stronger bed model.

Is there anything I can do to deter my dog from chewing on the bed?

If your dog is still a puppy, they may just be teething or have an excess of energy they need to work through. Incorporating extra playtime and exercise into their daily routine should help reduce destructive chewing. Providing plenty of chew toys for your dog to focus on will also give them a better outlet for these impulses. For adult dogs that still like to chew, applying a chew deterrent spray like bitter apple or bitter cherry to the bed can discourage the kind of heavy chewing that leads to damage. You can also speak with a local dog trainer or behaviorist to see if they have any recommendations specific to your dog’s personality and situation.

How do I submit a warranty claim?

Submitting a claim is easy! All you have to do is visit our warranty page here, and then click the “Submit Claim” button. Follow the steps to submit your photo of the damaged bed and select your replacement. If the replacement you want is not available, or if you want store credit instead of a replacement, please contact our customer service team through [email protected] for further assistance.

The order is wrong! How do I fix it?

If you catch it fast enough, you may be able to do so from your account—just view your order on the site under your account, and the option should be there. If it won’t let you make changes online, you can call us during business hours at 844-772-3125 to request the change. Please note that we ship orders very quickly and cannot make any changes once the order has been shipped, so please reach out asap. If the order has personalization, we will not be able to cancel or change the item if the personalization has already been completed.

How do I cancel an order?

If the order was recently placed, it can usually be canceled by viewing it through your account on our site. If you no longer have that option, you can call us during business hours at 844-772-3125 or submit a cancellation request through our contact form. Please note that we ship orders very quickly and cannot cancel an order once it has been packed and shipped, so please reach out asap. If the order has personalization, we will not be able to cancel the item if the personalization has already been completed.

How do I return an item I received?

To start a return, simply click the “Start Your Return or Exchange” button on our returns page here. The portal will then walk you through the steps for generating your RMA and return instructions. We accept items back within the first 30 days provided that they are still in unused condition, have not been personalized or altered in any way, and are not a final sale item. Return shipping fees are the responsibility of the customer.

I want to exchange my bed for a different size/color. What do I do?

As long as the item is still unused, has not been personalized or altered, and is not a final sale item, you can ship it back within the first 30 days to exchange it for a different item. To start the exchange, simply click the “Start Your Return or Exchange” button on our returns page here. The portal will then walk you through the steps for generating your RMA and exchange instructions. We provide free return labels for exchanges as long as the item is valued at $30 or more and is being sent back in the original box.

How do I clean the bed? Can these beds be machine-washed?

Our beds can be spot cleaned with a damp cloth and a bit of soap, but if you want a deeper clean they can be machine-washed, too. Simply remove the cover, seal up the closures, and wash in cold water on a delicate cycle. We recommend air drying when possible, but the covers can be machine dried on your lowest heat setting if needed.

Can the mattresses be washed if they start to smell?

Pillow (shredded foam) mattresses can be machine-washed on delicate and machine-dried with low heat; make sure the mattress is completely dry inside before putting the cover back on. Orthopedic foam mattresses cannot be washed, but can be deodorized by airing them out in a dry space or sprinkling them with baking soda. Beds without removable covers, such as the Tough Rip-Stop Dog Crate Pad or Deep Den Dog Bed, can be machine-washed whole. Please note that larger bed sizes are not recommended in household washers or dryers but can be hosed off or washed in a commercial/industrial washer.

Is there any kind of assembly required for these beds?

The majority of our beds will arrive as a rolled mattress and a folded cover, so you’ll need to put the cover on when it arrives. Pillow style mattresses and bolster pillows should be shaken out a bit when first unrolled to help them fluff up faster. Beds without separate covers, such as the Tough Rip-Stop Dog Crate Pad or Deep Den Dog Bed, only need to be unrolled from their packaging before they’re good for use. The Chew Proof Armored dog beds come pre-assembled, and the elevated ones only need to have the legs screwed into the corners (by hand, no tools needed) before they can be used.

What about assembling the rectangle bolster beds?

Our rectangle bolster beds come in three parts—a bottom mattress, a bolster pillow fill, and a cover with two compartments. Unzip the cover’s outer zipper and locate the inner compartment’s zipper. Unzip this inner compartment fully and insert the bolster pillow with the yellow side up, making sure the pointed ends poke through the openings at each end of the compartment. Then zip the inner compartment up, set the mattress on top with the yellow side facing up, and zip up the cover’s exterior zipper. Then flip the bed over and it’s good to go! 

What is an orthopedic bed?

An orthopedic bed is a bed designed to provide optimum support for the joints and spine. Ours feature a firm, solid-foam mattress that keeps your dog’s spine aligned while reducing pressure on the hips and joints, ensuring a comfortable sleep all night long. This style of bed is perfect for older dogs with weaker, arthritic joints, big, heavy dogs that need a lot of support, and any breed prone to hip dysplasia or other skeletal issues. It’s also great for any dogs that simply have a preference for firmer cushions, no matter their age or size.

What are your orthopedic mattresses made of?

Our orthopedic beds are made from a solid sheet of CertiPUR-US certified foam manufactured here in the US. There are no flimsy layers or toxic adhesives, and the foam itself is made without formaldehyde, ozone depleters, regulated phthalates, mercury, lead, and other heavy metals.

Is an orthopedic bed only good for older dogs?

An orthopedic bed is great for dogs of all ages! For big dogs and breeds prone to hip or joint problems later in life, it is best to provide them with full support from a young age to help prevent or delay the onset of those issues. Some exceptions do apply—toy sized breeds and any adult dogs under twenty pounds may not weigh enough to make an impression in the foam, so they may find the pillow style more comfortable. Dogs that like to sink down and  nestle into their bedding might also find the orthopedic bed less appealing.

My orthopedic bed is starting to smell. How do I clean it?

If the bed is retaining odors, first remove the cover and machine wash it in cold water on a delicate cycle. We recommend adding about two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar in place of fabric softener, as this will break down stubborn odors. You can also wash the gray and yellow mattress liner at the same time if that part is holding odor too. The foam mattress itself should not be washed, and try to avoid getting it wet if at all possible. If it smells, set the bare foam out in a dry, well-ventilated room (where it cannot be accessed by your dog) and allow it to air out for 24-48 hours. Sprinkling baking soda liberally throughout both sides of the foam will also help eliminate any deeper odors.

Do you have a guarantee on your orthopedic beds?

We offer a ten-year guarantee against flattening for all our orthopedic mattresses. If you experience any significant loss of support or flattening of the bed within that time period, simply send a photo of the flattened foam to our warranty department along with your order information. We will then get a one-time replacement mattress sent out to you free of charge.