Follow our tips below to help make your first assembly and wash days a little easier

Our bed covers are built to be tough.

Our bed covers are made to make it very hard for dogs to get into them. We use dual closures made of a zipper hidden behind a heavy duty piece of velcro. This is an amazing combination in terms of durability but some people may find it hard to assemble the bed when they first get it or when it's time to throw the cover in the wash. GOOD NEWS... we've come up with a few ways to make it much easier. Follow the directions below, or if you have a minute watch the assembly videos. I promise you'll be happy you did. I've broken it down step-by-step to make it easy as possible.

  • Open the box and remove the cover and mattress
  • Put the cover aside and remove the plastic from the mattress
  • This will give it some time to recover (could take 24hrs to fully recover)
  • Open the bag with your cover in it
  • (video coming soon)

  • Lay the cover flat on the floor with the velcro flap facing up
  • Start at one side and slowly open the velcro while folding it back
  • Once the entire velcro flap is folded back, unzip the zipper
  • (video coming soon)

  • Grab your mattress and fold it in half the long way
  • Step over the mattress and hold it in the folded position between your legs
  • Position yourself behind the cover on the floor
  • Reach over and start to insert the folded mattress into the cover
  • Pull the cover over until the corners of the mattress meet the corner of the cover
  • Release the mattress from between your legs
  • (video coming soon)

  • Stand the mattress on its side with the cover partially on
  • Now you can easily push the top corners of the mattress into the cover
  • Lay it back down, opening facing up, and close the zipper
  • Close the velcro flap
  • Place the bed closure side down 
  • (video coming soon)