Nesting vs Orthopedic Mattresses

The type of mattress you choose for your pup can have an impact on how often your dog uses their beds.  Let’s delve into the differences between nesting vs. orthopedic mattresses to see which option would be the best for your pup.

In a nesting mattress, the individual pieces of foam move independently, allowing the mattress to be moldable. A dog that likes to nest will be able to shift the fill and settle in. Sink-in nesting comfort is designed to be ultra-soft and cloud-like. A single piece of dense foam doesn’t allow air to circulate freely so it will absorb and retain the warm air generated by your dog's body. Conversely, a breathable shredded foam filling will allow warmer air to escape while being replaced with fresh, cooler air. Since there is considerably more negative space for air to flow freely between the pieces of filling inside the mattress, shredded foam offers improved breathability. These shredded foam mattresses are made in the USA from Certipur-US foam and contain the optimal amount of fill, making our nesting beds extremely comfortable and supportive.

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Most dogs over 50 pounds will develop joint problems as they age. Arthritis and other joint conditions such as hip dysplasia are among the most widely undiagnosed problems in big dogs. Supportive orthopedic beds can help prevent or reduce unnecessary suffering.

Orthopedic mattresses are designed to support the joints and back, helping to reduce joint pain. They provide a more even, all-over support. Our orthopedic mattresses are made from a solid piece of Certipur-US foam made in the USA. The solid foam helps to hold in heat allowing circulation to increase which can help encourage healing. Filled with the perfect density of solid foam gives this mattress a firmer sleep and a more tailored look, making this bed optimal for resilient orthopedic support. The mattresses are not only great for puppies in preventing potential future ailments but perfect for older dogs that may suffer from joint pain or arthritis. Giving your dog an orthopedic mattress can really aide in easing the pain in those achy joints.

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