We divided chewing dogs into two groups, Persistent Chewers & Occasional Chewers. This helps us design and develop products that provide solutions for both.

Chewing is a natural behavior but for persistent chewers, the reason could go deeper. Some heavy chewers do it because of boredom or anxiety. Believe it or not, dogs can even develop an obsessive chewing disorder.

Persistent chewers are those dogs that treat their beds like rawhides. The ones that will continue to chew until they’ve completed the task of destroying their bed, tearing covers and removing the stuffing.

For these dogs, we recommend our Chew Proof Armored line of products. All bedding options in this line are designed with our Armored Frames, removing side and corner access points from chewers. Some are elevated, some sit on the ground. All fit in most standard size crates. No removable covers, spot clean only.

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As we stated above, chewing is a natural behavior. Dogs put things in their mouths as a means of exploring. For occasional chewers, this is usually due to testing or teething, maybe even boredom.

Occasional chewers and scratchers are those dogs that sometimes chew out of boredom, have fun playing rough with their bed, or like to scratch their bed before lying down.

For these types of dogs, we recommend our Tough & Durable line of products. All bedding in this line has a ballistic rip-stop fabric cover. Most beds come with 2 mattress options, Nesting or Orthopedic, for various levels of softness and support. Beds with mattresses include our Armor Core rip-stop waterproof liner to protect your foam mattress from wear and tear and moisture. Most bedding options in this category are made with removable covers for machine washing or spot clean. Regular crate mats and the Deep den beds do not have removable covers but can be machine washed.

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PERSISTENT chewers need Chew Proof Armored Products: Dogs who have destroyed every other bed. Continually chewing until bedding is in pieces

OCCASIONAL chewers need Tough & Durable Products: Dogs who play rough with their beds. Sometimes chewing or scratching

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  • My dog is persistent chew of bed. Hopefully crate liner will help. I will get the apple thing

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