Something amazing happened in 2020. Amazingly good. In a year pot-marked with tragedy and disruptive illnesses, humanity did something beautiful.

I'm talking about the boom in dog fostering networks, of course.

As dog shelters shut down amid the COVID-19 pandemic, many Americans opened their homes to foster dogs for the first time. Some shelters reported as much as a 50% increase in dog fostering applications! Other shelters have no pets left because they've all been adopted. See? I told you something amazing happened!

With all these new pets placed in safe and loving homes, these furry house guests need their own bed!

How in tarnation do you choose a dog bed for a new foster dog?

Well it depends on the dog! If you're lucky enough to have an idea of who's coming to live with you until they find a forever home, then you're off to a great start.

For puppies, behavioral issues may persist until they're house trained and learn how to live with non-furry people (aka humans). Biting, digging, scratching, and even some bathroom incidents will bombard the pup's bed. All natural and expected behaviors for puppies, but tough for most dog beds to withstand.

You can help keep the little guy snoozing peacefully by getting a Chew Proof & Tough Dog Bed. These beds are designed to resist all destructive behaviors and are super easy to clean. The proprietary RipStop Ballistic™ fabric helps prevent rips or tears from getting started. This way your young canine ward won't ingest any stuffing or fabric. These materials are not safe for any dog to swallow!

For older pups taking a vacation break at your home, a supportive mattress may offer the best night's sleep. Orthopedic Dog Beds help prevent joint pain by reducing pressure on sensitive areas such as the spine, knees, and hips.

We manufacture the orthopedic dog mattress here in the USA, using CertiPUR-US certified foam. This means a third party tested the mattress and found it safe enough for humans to sleep on. Dogs deserve a high quality bed too!

If you're a generous foster dog parent you may have opened your home to any dog who needs a place to rest regardless of background. Not knowing what age, breed, or temperament will be living with you is a brave step!

For these brave foster moms and dads we recommend something from our Armored Dog Bed line-up. These beds are built as the strongest and most durable dog beds on planet Earth. That's not just a line, we actually work incredibly hard to make our beds the most durable dog bed available anywhere. (And we do a good job)

We guarantee these Armored Dog Beds against any dog related damage for 120 days. If your new house guests puts a dent in the bed, we'll replace it!

To all of you new foster dog parents, you are our heroes. Keep up the good work and we hope you find an excellent bed for your new foster dog!


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