A customer shocked us the other day after sharing a five star review. They included a photo of their dog sleeping on a gray bed. We don't offer a gray rectangle bed!

What happened? Did they photoshop the image?

No, the customer didn't realize they were just using the dog bed liner, and that the real cover was still in the box! We quickly alerted the customer and they completed their bed assembly.

Our Ballistic Core dog bed liner and mattress were high enough quality to earn a five star review all on their own. It made us realize we should be highlighting the hidden value of the often overlooked liner—they add so much value to our chew resistant dog beds.

You may not have known this but we recently made a switch in our liner material. We previously used waterproof material designed to keep any urine or moisture from reaching the foam mattress. That worked great. (These liners were speckled gray with our logo printed throughout, if you're curious.)

Here's a technical breakout of our old liners, labeled Mattress Protector below:

Then we decided to make the beds double-strong by upgrading the liners to RipStop Ballistic material with a waterproof backing.

Yep that's right, our liners are made of the same durable material as our chew resistant dog bed outer covers! This makes the beds twice as likely to resist any chewing or scratching damage. It also achieves our original goal of keeping moisture away from the mattress!

It does cost us a little extra to upgrade the liner fabric, but the added strength is worth it to us. We've seen beds last for over five years in a customer's home... That's about as good as it gets in our book!

The benefits to our customers are as follows:

  • Resists urine and moisture
  • Keeps aggressive chewers from shredding foam mattress
  • Bed can be used while the outer cover is in the washing machine
  • Replace tough cover with comfort cover for the best of both worlds

That last point deserves a little explanation. If your dog grows out of their chewing phase then you can reward them with a plush (and fashionable) Comfort Series cover. Since all our beds are standard sizes, our Comfort line and Tough line are interchangeable!

If you're in the market for an over-built, double covered, waterproof crate dog bed then now is the time to act. For a limited time get 15% off our Orthopedic Tough Crate Pad, featuring inner RipStop liner and outer RipStop cover for double the chew resistance! Offer available while supplies last, and may end at any time.

Or, get 15% off a Comfort cover to reward your well behaved pup who's ready for a plush microfiber bed.

Both you and your dogs will love these beds!


  • I posted I could not locate the replacement cover for a dog bed….oh duh! FOUND IT!!

    susan goodman on



  • We have an agressive lab chewer!
    She is 6 1/2 yr …a real sweetheart.

    FLora Taylor on

  • This bed gets 2 paws up! I am a natural born digger! When I’m not outside digging, I like to dig into the leather couch! This makes mommy mad. I’m also a bed shredder! Tearing up a fluffy bed, chewing on corners, zippers are yummy, oh, my! But after hours vet bills make mommy mad too.
    But this bed , it’s the best! I can dig and dig and dig. Nada! I don’t get yelled at! Corners, zippers, tags, wha? This bed doesn’t have them. Thank you for not leading me into temptation. The bed is mostly a buzz kill for me, except the digging, but mommy said I could have a Kong if I gave the bed two paws up! Thanks (kinda) K9!

    Chris on

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