There are so many types of beds for dogs out there that sometimes it can be overwhelming to decide which one is the best one for your pooch. Discover the difference between orthopedic and regular beds so you can be informed of which one suits your pet the best.

Choosing the right bed for your dog is important because not all beds suit every single dog. Some dogs will prefer a certain bed based on their preferred sleeping position. But others might need a bed that supports their body condition so that they are comfortable while sleeping. If you have an older dog, they will likely prefer an orthopedic bed that doesn’t put pressure on their joints.

Beds that provide a therapeutic benefit to a dog’s orthopedic problems are called orthopedic beds. How do they differ from all the other beds? And how do you know if you’re dog needs it? First we’ll explain an orthopedic bed, and then dive into all the different types of regular beds. By the end of this article, we hope you can distinguish the difference between all the beds so you can make an informed decision of which one to get for your dog.

What’s An Orthopedic Bed?

Orthopedic beds are the type of bed you need if your dog suffers from musculoskeletal problems, is reaching an old age and developing a medical condition like arthritis, or is naturally skinny.

These beds are made from a specialized foam that conforms to your dog’s body shape to distribute its weight and relieve pressure from the joints.

The purpose of orthopedic beds is to reduce joint pain from conditions related to aging such as arthritis and hip dysplasia by providing the joints the right kind of support. They can also help improve a dog’s mobility. However, because of their purpose, they are sometimes more expensive than regular beds.


The Types Of Regular Dog Beds

Dog beds come in a variety of styles and conformations. It can be daunting to choose the best one for your dog with so much diversity. Here we will discuss six different types:

  1. Standard Pillow Bed: These are your typical cushions or pillows for dogs that can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are the most common, and don’t have any special features to them like rims, edges or orthopedic foams. These beds are made with washable fleece or flannel covers most commonly to make them softer and more comfortable. The cushioning is provided by a foam padding or polyester filling. Standard beds are good for a perfectly healthy dog and are normally what you buy when getting a puppy. Our Comfort beds are Tough & Durable examples of this bed type.
  2. Nest Dog Bed: This type is very similar to the standard bed. What makes it different is its raised edges that border the perimeter of the pillow in its entirety or a portion of it, making the bed look like a nest. These raised edges make this bed ideal for your dog to lean or curl up against them. Nest beds are good for dogs that like to sleep in the curled position, or like to have their head sustained while they rest. See our Bolstered collection if your dog would prefer this style.
  3. Donut Dog Bed: Easily confused with the nest bed, donut dog beds are unique in that they are only round shaped and their raised edges encircle the whole circumference of the bed. They look like donuts with their deep plushy center and high rims. Like nest beds, they are a favorite among curl sleepers, but might not be good for resting the head up since the edges are higher. These beds are the perfect place for your dog to find its retreat, appealing to dogs that want a sense of coziness and protection while sleeping. Our Tough Deep Den Dog Bed is our answer to a durable donut dog bed.
  4. Kennel Dog Bed: This is the kind of bed you want to get if your dog sleeps in a crate or kennel. It is like a regular foam mattress, and it provides a soft support for your dog over the enclosure’s floor. Check out our Crate & Kennel collection to see our many options for your dog’s crate.
  5. Elevated Dog Beds: As the name implies, these beds are raised from the floor. They can come either in the standard nest, mattress or orthopedic variety. The beds are elevated from the floor by frames made of wood, wicker, metal or plastic. These are great for keeping your dog cool when it’s hot because they enhance air circulation around your dog’s body. However, they aren’t great for dogs with orthopedic or back problems as the dogs would have to climb or jump on the beds. If this is what you need, look no further than our Chew Proof Armored Elevated dog beds. We offer four variations, all of which are chew proof to ensure your bed lasts a lifetime.
  6. Cooling Dog Bed: Does it get really hot in the summertime where you live? Is your dog prone to overheating quickly? Then this is the type of bed you need for your dog. The gel-like or liquid mattresses in these beds are designed to help your dog feel cooler. Our Elevated Mesh Dog Bed offers the most cooling possible with its ultra-breathable fabric that’s raised off the ground.


Which Bed Should I Choose For My Dog?

Deciding the right bed for your dog depends on your pet’s sleeping preferences, health, size, and necessities. If you have a perfectly healthy puppy, any Comfort, Bolstered, or Deep Den bed will do just fine. Do you have a new dog that is kind of shy? Perhaps consider getting them a Deep Den bed. Does it get really hot or cold where you live? Then get them an Elevated Mesh bed to help them cool off.

What about orthopedic beds? While any dog can sleep in them, these are therapeutic beds. They are designed for dogs with joint problems, so they can be more expensive. But ask yourself what your bed mattress is made out of…it’s likely a foam mattress, at least for the most part. This offers premium support, just like our orthopedic dog beds do for your pup.


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