Keeping Your Home Clean and Tidy as a Dog Owner

Dogs might be man’s best friend, but they aren’t always so cordial when it comes to our houses! Dogs can make messes in the blink of an eye, and although we can’t always blame them for doing so, it doesn’t make it any less frustrating. Stick to the following easy tips to help keep your house and sanity in check.


Set Boundaries

We often joke that our pets are like children, but there’s some truth to this. Similar to children, dogs need to be taught boundaries if they are to learn the difference between good and bad behavior. You can’t expect your dog to not run around the house knocking things over if you haven’t trained them to understand this isn’t ideal behavior.


Setting boundaries is key to ensuring your dog knows right from wrong. This best way to establish clear boundaries is with dog training. Take your dog to a training school or learn firm methodology to train them yourselves. Either way, your dog will learn important behavioral lessons that will help them become more obedient and aware of their surroundings.


Give Your Dog a Space Just For Them

Speaking of boundaries, one of the most effective ways of keeping your home clean is to respect your dog’s boundaries. As territorial animals, it’s important that you give your dog a space that’s only theirs. By giving your dog a consistent space to rest, relax, or play in, they will feel more comfortable in your home. It will also make them far less likely to want to invade your space.


The best way to create a consistent space is to treat your dog to their own beds. K9 Ballistics makes beds that are stylish, comfortable, and practical so dogs and owners can both rest easy. Your dog will love the soft-feel fabrics and a space of their own, and you will reap the behavioral rewards.


Use a Pet Vacuum

Vacuuming can be a real chore. But just like any housework, the effort is totally worth the reward of a sparkling clean house. A pet vacuum has the potential to completely change your life as a dog owner. This might seem like a bold claim, but if you’re sick of your dog’s fur getting everywhere a powerful pet vacuum is the answer.


Pet vacuums are specially designed to pick up even the most stubborn of hairs from all surfaces. While a regular vacuum might be able to pick up a lot, they inevitably miss a lot of pet hair. Pet vacuums boast numerous features that help to detect and extract pet hair. Check out options withLED lights to help detect hairs or special filters to remove pet allergens.


Clean & Brush Your Dog Regularly

Dogs get dirty, fast, which is precisely why it’s so important to ensure that you’re cleaning them regularly. Proper pet cleaning goes a bit beyond wiping their dirty paws with a wet cloth. We’re talking regular baths that involve a complete scrub down. While it can be difficult to find the time and energy for regular dog baths, doing so is important for a couple of reasons. Regular baths will help keep your dog in tip-top health. Bathing will also keep your house cleaner and reduce any dog odors dramatically. You’ll be able to detect any problem areas like ticks, cuts, or achy joints while you’re bathing them. After a bath, it’s a great practice to brush your dog regularly, as this will substantially reduce the amount of hair you’ll find around the house.


Author bio:

Ana Markovic is a frequent contributor to Pet Life Today. Ana is passionate about helping pet owners provide their four-legged friends with the care and attention they need to be able to lead healthy lives. She had two cats named Ceca and Lunja while she was growing up, together with a parrot named Kica. Ana has been writing about pet-related topics, advice, and trends since 2016.


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