Dogs love to explore and they tend to spend most of their time in our backyard. If you’re like me and enjoy having a wide range of vegetables and plants in your garden then you must know how curious your dog can be of what surrounds it. If you find yourself having issues with your dog staying out of your garden don’t worry, there are many solutions to this common problem.

Some potential solutions we'll cover include:

  • Fencing (as if everyone's a contractor)
  • Training (as if everyone's a trainer)
  • Dog repellent (unless you have a deviant pup who loves vinegar)
  • Ultrasonic machines (if you hate birds)

If you haven't guessed yet, there are pros and cons to each approach! Let's dive in to the details shall we?

The first and most simple solution is to just place a fence around your garden area. Placing chicken wire attached to a few posts around the area deters your dog from getting into or around your garden. However, installing a fence might make it difficult for you to be able to work on your garden and does take a bit of work for the fence to be installed. Another straightforward and simple method is training your dog to stay away from your garden. This might be the best solution because it doesn’t require you to change anything about your garden and is free. Training your dog to stay away from your garden with treats, toys, or some sort of reward is the best way of training them. If you don’t have the time to train your dog there’s still a way to solve this problem.

Dog repellents were made specifically for these situations. They can be found at any local garden supercenter and are rather cheap to purchase. Spraying them along the border of your garden will cause the scent to deter your dog away from the area. Repellents are made using different types of oils that have a strong odor and are usually too strong for a dog’s sensitive nose. You can also make your own right at home with some common household items. Mixing 2 parts of apple cider vinegar and 1 part of white vinegar in a spray bottle can also work. The mixture should then be sprayed onto the plants daily. You shouldn’t have to worry about the vinegar harming your plants since its acidic levels are quite low. The only downside about using chemical repellents is you’re going to have to keep spraying your garden often since water does wash away the repellent after time. If this isn’t for you there’s still one more solution that might just do the trick.

As we all know dogs have an amazing sense of sound and are very sensitive to certain high pitched noises. Ultrasonic sound repellent systems are the high tech solution for keeping dogs out of our garden. Personally, I wouldn’t use this if I were trying to keep my dog away from my garden but if you’re trying to get stray dogs from wandering into your garden then this could be a great solution. However, if you’re a frequent bird watcher this system will also keep birds away. 

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