Things you should know ...

You should be aware that dogs are much more susceptible to warm weather, so be mindful of how hot it is outside. If you're feeling hot, your dog is feeling even hotter. They're basically wearing a sweater with all that fur. So try to hike during non-peak sun hours to help your dog stay cool. 

Not all hikes welcome dogs. Dogs can have an adverse impact on the local ecosystem, so it's important to do your research before you head out. Also, on particularly challenging hikes, dogs can be a tripping hazard. So do your research! Otherwise you might find yourself facing a fine that could have easily been avoided.

It's also important to be familiar with the types of wildlife that inhibit the area in order to keep your dog safe. You want to make sure you keep your dog away from snakes and check them for ticks after a hike. 

Things you should do ...

First things first, always bag your dog's waste. Picking up after your dog is part of hiking etiquette for a very important reason. Even if you might think your dog's waste is natural, it can pollute the local water supply.

It's also important for you to keep your dog on a leash. This is important for the safety of your dog and the safety of your fellow hikers. If your dog is off its leash, it can run out of sight. Without being able to see your dog it is much harder to keep him/her out of trouble. Chasing skunks and eating thorny plants might seem fun at first, but they're sure to regret it. Other hikers might not be as fond of dogs or have dogs themselves that are not friendly. Having your dog on a leash allows your to control the situation and keep the appropriate distance. 

Things you should have ... 

It's important to carry water for both you and your dogDogs don't sweat the way humans do. They keep cool by panting and drinking water, so make sure to pack enough water for both of you. We recommend not letting your dog drink from stagnant ground water since there's a high risk of it containing dangerous pathogens that can make your dog ill.

You should also take some dog snacks with you. Your pup's appetite is already voracious. After a long hike, they'll really appreciate a re-energizing snack! 

Also, your dog will want to sleep on a cool surface after a heart pumping hike. Our K9 Ballistics proprietary fabric stays cool and wicks away moisture. We recommend keeping one of our crate pads handy in the car or near the camp site. 

Lastly, keep your car seats clean with our K9 Ballistics car seat covers. They're built to last so that you can keep enjoying adventures with your dog without worrying about the mess. 

If you find yourself in Southern California, here are are some dog friendly hikes that are K9 Ballistics approved to be a fun time! 

1. Arroyo Verde Park - Ventura, CA

2. Bonair Trail - Huntington Beach, CA

3. Bradshaw Trail - Indio, CA

4. Black Mountain Trail - San Diego, CA

5. Big Horn Overlook - Rancho Mirage, CA


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