The average dog bed uses lightweight fabric, isn’t waterproof, uses single stitch seam construction, a cushion fill that starts to flatten in less than a month, and looks terrible after one wash....we are anything but average. Our beds are over-built, removing anything that doesn't add value and doubling-down on the things that do.

Durability is essential for the use and abuses our dog beds go through daily. Wet and dirty dogs, digging, and occasional chewing. Whether it's a daily commute to and from work, a quick outdoor adventure, or just the everyday scratching and clawing before laying down for daily naps, our pups can be hard on our beds. That's why we took the time, years actually, to engineer our proprietary fabrics specifically for a dog's lifestyle. That was the only way we could ensure the kind of performance and quality our customers deserve.

Our innovation didn't happen in a vacuum. Dogs inspire everything we do. Which is why we take each and every product out into the real world, testing, touching and trying them in every imaginable scenario in our own homes. Ultimately rejecting anything that doesn’t enhance or simplify your life. It's about products that provide solutions, before the problems even cross your mind. 

When we started, we tested different all the durable fabrics that were available on the market to find the strongest available.  After we became experts, we knew we had to create our own fabrics because nothing was made for the life of dogs and could perform to our standards.  Now that we’ve created our own fabrics that have been tested to outperformed industry-leading fabrics, we continually work to improve them further. We test all fabric enhancements and new products in our own homes first. Once they exceed our standards, they move on third party testing, making certain that we have surpassed prior benchmarks for durability.  We understand that chewers are going to chew and that no dog bed is chew proof. Over the past 15 years, we’ve learned that with premium materials and meticulous attention to detail, it is possible to build a much better bed. A bed that doesn’t compromise durability, comfort, or style. A bed that will last a lifetime.

Typical Ballistic fabric is a multifilament high tenacity, 2x2 basketweave fabric, usually made with 1050D or 840D yarns. The slick finish, heavy weave, and excellent strength make it a popular choice for a lot of durable products today. K9 Ballistics fabric takes things a step further. We adapted our fabrics specifically for a dog's lifestyle. We engineered our fabric using heavier yarns and a proprietary weave. We added rip-stop technology and treated both the backing and surface to enhance water repellency, strength and abrasion resistance. Our fabric was tested against the industry standard 1000D Cordura by third-party testing lab (Bureau Veritas) and the results came back in our favor. That fabric brand is the go-to, off the shelf, fabric that most knock offs will use. In tear strength testing, K9 Ballistic fabric beat that brand for making pet products because we designed our fabric specifically for a dogs lifestyle. 


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