Crate training your dog is one of the best things you can do, for you and them. It’s an extremely useful tool for potty training when they are puppies as well as a great place for them to retreat when they need a break or are feeling anxious. 

There are many different types of crates, soft sided, wire, plastic, etc. but if you are looking for a home use crate only, we’ve found that wire crates are usually your best bet. A good rule of thumb when buying a new crate is to use the average breed size measurements for your dog when they are fully grown. Wire crates usually come with a detachable divider panel, so you can increase the space inside as they grow. 

If you will be adding a dog bed to the crate, you must remember to add the thickness of the mattress, cot, or pad to the height measurement. We make several different styles of beds that are made to fit inside most standard sizes crates. From tough & durable crate pads to armored chew proof beds, they will all add a welcomed element of comfort to your dogs' crate. 

Measuring for your new crate or kennel is easy. Here is a simple way to measure for dogs new space. 

Measuring the length for your dog crate 

While your dog is standing, measure from the tip of the nose to the base of the tail. Add two to four inches to this measurement for the length of the crate

Measure Dog Crate Width


Measuring the height for your dog crate 

While your dog is sitting, measure from the floor to the top of their head or ears. Add two to four inches to this measurement for the minimum height of the crate. Your dog's crate must be tall enough for them to comfortably stand and sit.

Measure Dog Crate Height


Another way to enhance the comfort of your dog's new space and make it more den-like, is to add a crate cover. Covering a crate provides your dog a feeling of security by covering all sides except the door. Just like a real den.When trained properly, your dog will learn to love their den. 

My dog uses her den all the time. She’ll go in there is there is too many kids in the house, if she just got a new chew toy, or sometimes just to take a nap. We leave the door open which affords her the freedom to use it when she feel like it. When she’s in there, the kids know to give her her space.

Please remember a crate is not a cage to trap your pets for hours at a time. Anything more than 6-8 hours at a time is too much. They should be thought of as a home within your home. Use it to help them with separation anxiety and puppy house training.

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  • if you cover the crate then how does the dog breath thru the vent cover..

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