The first thing you can do is stop buying cheap store-bought beds. We’ve created an extremely tough line of dog beds by cutting out any attributes that didn’t add value and doubling down on the things that did. All our fabrics were designed by us, specifically for a dog’s lifestyle. If your dog is extremely tough on their bed, you need a K9 Ballistics Chew Proof Armored bed. These beds prevent dogs from getting the edges and corners of beds and mats into their mouths. After choosing a bed that will stand up to your pup, you still need to address the underlying issues that may be causing this destructive behavior. Most chewing behavior comes down to two types: Anxiety Induced or Boredom Induced. Below are a few things you can do to help relieve each type of chewing

Anxiety Induced solutions (usually due to separation anxiety or environmental stressors)

Eliminate the stressor that is making your dog anxious

If your dog gets stressed when there is too much activity in the house, move your dog’s bed to a quitter location or provide a “safe“ space. Like an open crate, where they can go to be left alone.

Leave background noise on when you're gone

If neighborhood traffic or thunder stresses out your dog, try leaving the tv or radio on to help drown out the noises that are stressing them out

Try a pheromone or natural remedy

Some dogs will respond to a pheromone therapy that mimics calming pheromones released by mothers for their puppies. Another great option are homemade treats with calming lavender baked in.

Look into behavior therapy

This type of therapy may be needed for dogs that suffer from extreme anxiety. Consult your vet to find a specialist in your area

Boredom Induced Solutions (usually due to restlessness or a lack of activity)

Exercise your dog

Dogs need to exercise, some breeds more than others. Pent up energy can come out in destructive behaviors. Dogs need an outlet for their energy. A 30-60 minute daily walk should do it for most dogs (twice a day if possible). Please note that you should never crate a dog for more than 8 hours at a time

Provide your dog with toys when you're gone

Provide stimulating toys that can be stuffed with food or treats to keep them occupied. This will help pass the time while you're gone. Leave your dog with toys that you’ve tested and supervised play with to ensure they won’t destroy them when you're gone.

Invest in a better bed

K9 Ballistics has Chew Proof Armored beds designed for persistent chewers or tough & Durable beds that address everyday wear and tear. Both options have great reviews and can benefit pet parents who have had a hard time finding a durable dog bed

Use a deterrent spray

Bitter apple or similar type sprays can help deter a chewing dog with tastes they don’t like. Most can simply be sprayed on the entire bed or just on the spots where your dogs seem to chew the most, usually corners and zippers.

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  • Thank You for the advice .We have a 4 month puppy Sheba, she have torn up her outside bed to shredded the filler is all gone.I have to work. all thanks for the top about bitter apples.

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