The K9 Ballistics team recently donated over 200 of our dog beds and crate pads to local shelters here in Southern California, specifically Ventura County. Furthermore, we partnered with these shelters to enable them to advertise that all dog adoptions come with a free K9 Ballistics bed (sourced from our donations).

Our goal in these partnerships is to boost dog adoptions, while also extending the life of our products significantly - a core component of our sustainability efforts as a Certified B Corporation. All donated products were returned orders that had been used by customers, unfit to resell as Open Box items.


Benefiting our community has been a longtime pillar of our company. Our dedication to the animal community can be seen through our donations to various organizations. Be it monetary, our time, or through product donations, we strive to do what we can when right the opportunities arise. We encourage our employees to give back to local non-profits in need of volunteers through paid days for their community service.

As you can see below, the pups at these shelters are in for a serious upgrade! Pictured is one of many old beds we're proud to replace. It's barely holding together at this point. The corners have major holes in them, which is a strong real world example of why we use 100% metal frames - including the corners - for all of our Chew Proof Armored™ beds and crate pads.


Our team had a fun and rewarding experience with this latest donation of hundreds of returned beds. We had been building this donation pile for quite some time, which made for an eye-opening surprise at the shelters when they saw how many beds we brought! This was a particularly heartwarming experience during the holidays, seeing firsthand how many dogs (and future dog owners) will enjoy our beds that are built to last a lifetime.


Hundreds of dogs will now enjoy much improved living conditions both in the shelters and in their future homes! Stay tuned for Part 2 of this story, where we'll revisit the shelters to see the impact of our donations. Subscribe to our email to hear the follow up story in the blue box below this article.

Interested in adopting? We encourage you to consider working with one of the shelters from this story:

Shelter Hope Pet Shop Thousand Oaks
193 N. Moorpark Rd. East, Suite F 
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center (SPARC)
705 E Santa Barbara St.
Santa Paula, CA 93060


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