1. They'll keep each other entertained. Playtime is an important part of your dog's development in terms of both health and happiness. Providing the proper amount of attention to your pup can be time consuming. So you can save some time by giving them a partner to play with. 

2. Makes training easier. Dogs are pack animals and usually look to other dogs in order to model behavior. A new pup would be much easier to train with the help of an older dog, particularly one who already knows the house rules. 

3.Helps ease separation anxiety. You won't have to feel guilty about leaving your pup alone at home. Dogs that suffer from separation anxiety really benefit from having a companion. This frees you up to focus on work or enjoy a night out. 

4.It's not that expensive. Having two dogs at the same time does not cost much more. Dogs can share toys and supplies including grooming product, water bowls, and treats. You can even get them one Giant bed to share!

5. More happiness! Most people consider getting a second dog because of the joy their first dog has brought them. Why not double that joy and happiness by adding a second four legged friend to the family. 


  • We have 2 lab/husky mix litter mate males who were born in Dec of 2019, so we are still in the puppy stage. We adopted them from our local shelter, they had someone bring in a littler of 7. I agree, two dogs can be great, but it can also be a challenge while they are young. Our two are very bonded, so they like to be together all the time, which did make it hard when the one needed to go to the vet without the other. They do tussle/play a lot with each other and get into mischief during the day when they are left home alone. I’m not sure if they get into mischief because they are bored or because they are just curious little (75-80 pounds little???) puppies, but things have gotten dug/chewed/tore up and having two just adds to the “fun”. Love them though!

    Cindy on

  • I agree completely with having 2 dogs. I have golden retrievers 1 year old and they are the best of friends. They get more exercise chasing and playing with each other than I could ever provide. I have purchased many of K-9 Ballistics products and am amazed

    Carol Reeder on

  • We have always had dogs in our family. We went two years without a dog. Now we have two lab brothers a year old. They play, wrestle and enjoy having each other. Each have their own kennel but share toys. Great dogs that add joy and enjoyment in our family again.

    David on

  • Having two dogs takes away the guilt of leaving them alone whenever I have an appointment or putting them outside when Company comes. I suggest having one older trained dog before getting another. We have two labs, brother and sister. As puppies they were a handful. What one didn’t think of getting into the other one did. They have never been apart and now it is difficult to separate them for a vet check or even a brief walk. Think how it must feel to be an only child. One is company but two is fun and play.

    Helen McCarthy on

  • My ? is…I would love to get another puppy? younger dog?,BUT Sami[f] is almost 11 mo. English Lab. She obeys alot of the time but sometimes not so much! I think she would love to have a playmate but alot say WAIT till she is older. [even trainers] I would like to have your input. I am 70 and H is 76. We don’t always want to go out and play. Thanks Sami and Kathy

    Kathy Rottman on

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