In November, the team at K9 Ballistics donated over 200 of our dog beds and crate pads to local shelters here in Southern California. We just revisited these shelters to see how the pups were taking to the beds and evaluate the impact of our donations.

 Enjoy this 20-second video recap of our visit, and read on for more: 


These shelters greeted our return visit with open arms and endless gratitude. The upgrade these dogs received was immediate - and everlasting, thanks to our products’ durable designs. From each shelter’s showroom to every kennel in their boarding rooms, our beds now provide improved comfort to hundreds of dogs.



We focused the bulk of our donations on our Chew Proof Armored™ dog beds, which pair nicely with our Tough Dog Crate Pad to add comfort (as shown in above photo). Designed to last a lifetime, our beds are saving these shelters the valuable cost of replacing beds in the years to come.


Did we mention these dogs love to chew?


The energy, anxiety, and size of the dogs in the kennels typically lead to extensive chewing, scratching, and other destructive behavior. While often polite to people, these dogs put their beds to the ultimate test.


 Our Chew Proof Armored™ Padded Bed vs. the shelter's old cot


The difference between our all-aluminum beds and the plastic beds they replaced was stark. Not only do ours look the business, they’re guaranteed to last (unlike the plastic beds you can see in the above photo). We’re so grateful to hear the excitement in the voices of all the employees & volunteers we revisited when they were sharing their experiences with our beds.


 These pups are in great hands!


Interested in adopting? We encourage you to consider working with one of the shelters from this story:

Shelter Hope Pet Shop Thousand Oaks
193 N. Moorpark Rd. East, Suite F 
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Santa Paula Animal Rescue Center (SPARC)
705 E Santa Barbara St.
Santa Paula, CA 93060


  • They are killing German Shepherds up to 15 a day and Texas and California. Check out Riverside Animal Shelter. Perhaps you could adopt some dogs there save hundreds of lives. They even euthanize nursing mothers and their puppies. They treat animals cruelly and the shelters are filthy. California and Texas are the worst states for murdering hundreds of dogs a month. Is there any way that you going to help these poor dogs. Please these are all creatures of God put on Earth to be man’s best friend and look how we treat them. So many beautiful German Shepherds murdered weekly. Please help them they have nobody but us.

    Lavonda Simon on

  • That is so awesome!

    Susan (Sue) Sheppard on

  • You are wonderful people.

    Virginia Yaeger on

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