Which one do I need for my pup?

The simple way to answer this question is to ask the question: Is my dog a persistent chewer or an occasional chewer?

Chew Proof Armored products are for PERSISTENT chewers. Dogs who have destroyed every other bed. Continually chewing until bedding is in pieces

Tough & Durable products are  for OCCASIONAL chewers, diggers and scratchers. They are the strongest soft  beds available. They are made to last for dogs that are rough on their beds. 

Below is a more in-depth look at the differences between the two product lines, including a video we've put together explaining the difference.

All our products are made with our ballistic fabric which is extremely durable, in fact, our fabric actually tested better than 1000D Cordura fabric in 3rd party testing for tear and abrasion. It is extremely heavy in weight, woven with rip-stop technology, has a water repellent surface finish, and a waterproof backing. We use our proprietary ballistic fabric throughout our entire product line.

The difference between Chew Proof Armored and Tough & Durable

Let's start with Tough & Durable. These products are designed to stand up to dogs who like to play rough with their beds. Pups that occasionally chew and like to dig and scratch before laying down. Our ballistic fabric was engineered by us, specifically for a dog’s lifestyle. It’s densely woven, durable construction can take a beating from a dog’s nails. It’s waterproof, preventing moisture from accidents or wet dogs from reaching the mattress. It’s rip-stop, preventing tears from spreading, should one start. It’s odor resistant due to the properties of the synthetic fibers. We’ve designed the surface to be smooth, so fur doesn’t cling and is easily brushed off. They come in various form factors including crate pads, nesting, and orthopedic mattresses, and bolstered style beds. They have limited seam exposure, reinforced corners, and hidden closures. The crate pads in this line have anchor tie-down points for securing them to a crate to help prevent your dog from pulling up the sides and corners into their mouths. If you don't have a chewer and are just looking for a bed that will hold up well to an active everyday lifestyle and repetitive washing these are the beds you want. They are extremely comfortable and will last for years. 

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Now for Chew Proof Armored, these products are designed to stand up to persistent chewers. Dogs who have destroyed every other bed, persistently chewing until their bedding is in pieces. All our chew proof products have our armored frames that remove the ability to access the fabric edges and corners. They come in various form factors including elevated, on the floor, padded and non-padded. If you've got a persistent chewer and are looking for a padded bed option for use in a crate, our chew-proof armored crate pad is the way to go. It removes the ability for dogs to lift corners and access edges. Although, if you have a dog that is determined to pull the stuffing out of their bedding, choosing a non-padded armored bed is the right solution for use inside or outside of a crate.

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  • I’ve yet to find a bed he won’t chew up

    Missy on

  • can I put the armored dog pad in a soft crate ?

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